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Victorian Enchantment

Here's your chance to be as romantic and charming as you please. Victorian weddings were usually held in spring and the most popular honeymoon destination was undoubtedly Niagara Falls. Let this theme take you and your guests back to the time period of 1876 to 1915.


  • Gazebos are wonderful items to set the mood for your Victorian party.
  • A rose garden, park, mansion, fair grounds or church are all excellent locations for a classic Victorian wedding.


  • People that lived in the Victorian time period used lots of lace, ribbon and flowers. Incorporate these trimmings into your favors, dress and decorations whenever possible.


  • Parlor organs, pianos and phonographs were also popular at family gatherings. Rent one for the day or hire a singing quartet.


  • Picnics were very popular in Victorian times and considered dress-up times. Baskets of fried chicken, corn bread, and potato salad were on the menu.
  • Beer, lemonade, root beer and, of course, tea were the staple drinks. Since this will be a wedding, include a silver punch bowl sprigged with flowers.

Additional Details

  • Include a lawn game for an outdoor reception. Croquet, archery, horseshoes and lawn tennis were popular in the Victorian era.
  • Put a spin on the event by asking guests to come dressed in vintage attire, complete with bowler hats and parasols.
  • Choose Victorian style attire for the wedding party. The bride's dress should be white and have a high neckline. The bridesmaids would carry parasols and wear long gloves. Hats were very popular. The groom's tux will have tails. (Note: Queen Victoria is the one who started the tradition of the white wedding gown.)
  • Ask your photographer about shooting some photographs in black and white, including a group portrait of the wedding party and all your guests.
  • Movies to inspire you include "Sense and Sensibilities", "Pride and Prejudice", "Emma", "Enchanted April" and "Somewhere in Time".
  • More Victorian wedding ideas and planning help.

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