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Valentine Romance

Valentines Day is not the best day to have a wedding because flowers and candy are usually higher priced and many people spend it with their significant other. However, this theme is perfect if you're considering a February event.


  • Think pink, red and white for most of the decorations including the flowers.
  • Use clusters of Heart balloons (see "Balloons Galore" for more ideas) or pretty paper bells.
  • Place silver or crystal dishes filled with heart candies or potpourri on tables.
  • White candles are wonderful for evening valentine weddings (see "Candlelight Retreat" for more ideas).


  • Romantic love songs that contain the words heart, love, cupid or valentine in them.


  • Choose any punch you like and place a sign in front of it that says "Love Potion Punch". Use heart-shaped ice cubes.
  • Small sandwiches made with heart-shaped slices of bread.
  • Assortments of candy hearts and pastries.

Additional Details

  • Bride's jewelry would be heart shaped.
  • Bridesmaids dresses would be cranberry colored or pink.

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