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Renaissance Revival

Romance, good cheer and merry making is at the heart of this theme. The Renaissance period spanned the period from 1450 to 1600 AD, between the Medieval and the Modern ages.


    • Look for stone churches or a garden setting with mature trees and plants.


    • Flowers, garlands, wreaths, swags of fruit, fresh ivy, and grapes were popular in this time period.
    • Rent gold candelabras with tall ivory taper candles.
    • Interlace pink and white ribbons into the flower arrangements and candelabras.
    • Place real flowers on the cake.


    • Songs played with a mandolin or lute.


    Additional Details

    • The bride wears a silk or satin floor length gown with tricolored beaded straps. The dress would be Ivory in color to keep with tradition.
    • The bride, bridesmaids and/or flower girls wear floral head wreaths with ribbons.
    • Toast with large grails filled with wine.
    • In the world of chivalry, a favor was often a lady's scarf or handkerchief, which she gave to her lover before he went into a battle or joust. Purchase or make scarves or handkerchiefs in a pretty, lightweight material and give as favors to your guests.
    • Other favors include small pendants, ribbons, rosettes, tassels, or other wearable trinkets. Nobility often gave out these items. These favors represent the esteem and affection of the giver for the recipient.
    • Some other favor ideas are parchment scrolls printed with a favorite poem and tied with velvet ribbon, miniature wreaths of dried flowers and herbs or velvet pouches filled with potpourri.
    • The bride and groom leave in a horse drawn carriage.
    • Make sure to include calligraphy on anything written, like invitations, place cards, menus, etc. Hire a calligrapher or use a computer.

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