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Nautical Splendor

Do you love the smell of the ocean breeze, taking long, romantic walks on the beach, water-skiing, scuba diving, or sailing? This theme is a wonderful way to satisfy your senses and create a fun and carefree atmosphere for you and your guests.


  • Consider a yacht, private sailboat, dock, pier, ferry boat, lighthouse, beach, aquarium or seaside resort. If you live inland, but still want this theme, pick a local seafood restaurant.


  • Party on the ocean floor! Start with white or tan table cloths to suggest sand. Use lots of light green and white tulle bunched up in the center of the tables. Scatter seashells or dried starfish on the tulle and add some glass beads. Add a few large fish bowls with real or fake goldfish. Elevate them if possible by covering one or two large books or small boxes with paper to match the tablecloths. Set the fish bowl on top and use the tulle to cover the bases. Place one at the center of each guest table. Buy a large package of plastic jewels or glitter and sprinkle them around. Use similar decorations for the cake table.
  • Find or borrow a large trunk and decorate it to look like a treasure chest. Create a false bottom using cardboard about 6 inches down from the top of the trunk. Go to thrift stores or garage sales and buy 10-20 old pearl and bead necklaces and interesting and colorful broaches, etc.; the bigger the better. Lay heaps of shredded gold foil paper onto the false bottom and place your jewels on top. Let some of the shredded paper hang over the edge of the trunk. Add chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. Place the trunk where it will be seen by all. Example: On the gift table so gifts can be placed all around it or in front of the cake table).


  • Beautiful harp music (live or recorded), some Beach Boys, or Disney's "Little Mermaid" soundtrack. The Beetle's "Octopus' Garden in the Shade" or "Yellow Submarine". If you want the music to fade into the background, try a mood tape of ocean sounds.


  • Fresh seafood (crab, shrimp on ice, shrimp cocktail, lobster, oysters, salmon, tuna, swordfish, etc.).
  • Ask your cake baker to decorate your cake with the nautical theme. Instead of icing flowers, why not use a fish, shell or starfish motif?

Additional Details

  • The bride, groom, and wedding party might dress as pirates during the reception.
  • The bride wears a pearl necklace and earrings.
  • The message in the bottle favor is perfect for this theme. Purchase clear bottles at your local craft store and fill them with colorful confetti or shredded craft foil. Slip in a special rolled up message.
  • Blue and white are nautical colors. Incorporate them into the wedding attire. If the groom is in the Navy, he could wear his uniform.
  • Use hanging baskets of flowers outside the reception area to evoke a seaside feeling.
  • Colorful shell shaped soaps or candies wrapped in white tulle and tied with a pretty ribbon also make great favors.
  • Brass items are typically found in nautical environments. If you or a friend own some large brass items (plates or sculptures, etc.) use them as part of your decorations. They would look especially good as part of the treasure chest idea.
  • Invitations could be designed as a boat ticket for a "special" trip.
  • Leave your reception by being whisked away in a speedboat. Your guests would wave goodbye as you leave on a honeymoon cruise.

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