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Mexican Fiesta

If you want a wedding with lots of color and excitement, or if you're planning a honeymoon in Mexico, this theme will be great fun.


  • Perhaps a southwest-style home or restaurant.


  • Daisies, zinnias and cactus are wonderful for a Mexican-style wedding.
  • Choose white linen tablecloths and colorful plates and napkins. If you can find large sombreros, use them to decorate walls or hang them on tree trunks if you have an outdoor wedding planned.
  • Hang colorful piƱatas and ask folks try to break them with a stick while blindfolded.
  • Since silver is commonly used in Mexico, include some silver decorations such as silver candlesticks or platters. Silver ribbon can be used in pew bows or to decorate centerpieces and favors.


  • Music in Mexico is an essential part of life. Hire some strolling musicians to play Mexican music or hire Mexican folk dancers to put on a show. Encourage your guests to participate.


  • Favorites include hot salsa, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, chimichangas, refried beans, maize (corn), tostados, tamales, guacamole, radishes, chili and Spanish rice. As a courtesy to your guests, you will want to place signs that say "mild", "hot" and "tongue scorcher" next to the dishes or ask you caterer to keep things on the mild side.
  • Fresh fruits include pineapple, papayas, mangos, oranges, limes, grapes, watermelons and bananas.

Additional Details

  • White cotton dresses with colorful sashes and shoes for the bridesmaids. Reds, oranges and bright greens and blues work well.
  • The male attendants wear colorful cummerbunds to match the bridesmaid's sashes.

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