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Medieval Magic

The Early Medieval period was from 500 to 1050 AD and the Middle Ages from 1050 to 1450 AD.


  • Look for buildings in stone, half-timbered wood or brick. Find out about historic homes in your area, especially those with a Tudor or English cottage or castle look.
  • Outdoor settings are perfect for a spring or summer medieval wedding. If you have the space, a large white tent is fitting and could be decked out with garlands.


  • For table decorations, use black iron candleholders, ornate glass and pottery cups.
  • Medieval candles were usually white or ivory with an ornate design on them.
  • Flowers and greenery, particularly in garlands and swags, are popular.
  • Dried flowers are also good and candlelight or a roaring fire is a nice touch.
  • Rent or borrow a suit of armor to stand the reception area. This makes a great photo opportunity for you and your guests.
  • Hang tapestries on the walls. Consider borrowing or renting them.


  • Consider hiring a single harpist, lute or mandolin player. Other period instruments include the flute, bagpipe, guitar, viol, spinet/virginal, organs and a wide variety of drums and horns.
  • Hire a minstrel or two to wander about during the reception.


  • Roasted meats including mutton (lamb), roast peacock served with the tail feathers on, braised lettuces, quail, goose, venison, boar, fish or even eel.
  • Include breads, cheese and plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Sugar was popular in this time period and lots of sweet seasonings were used.
  • Drinks would include lemonade, ice tea, wine and beer.


  • The movie Camelot, which features the wedding of King Arthur and Guinevere.

Additional Details

  • The groom would look hansom in boots and the bride would wear many types of old white lace.
  • Consider many colorful flowers instead of a veil. Place individual flowers in your hair or wear a floral head wreath.
  • The bride would be led to the chapel entrance riding a white horse (how romantic!).
  • The bride‚Äôs bouquet would contain white roses, wine roses, thistle, and heather or a bouquet of green ivy, white sweet peas, white roses, and white carnations tied together with trailing white and green ribbons.
  • The afternoon activities at a Medieval wedding would consist of a tournament for the bride's garter. This can be a archery or arm wrestling tournament, etc.
  • Hire someone to play Merlin the Magician or a great wizard for the evening. He would arrive during the reception with a puff of smoke! He can periodically perform magic tricks for the guests. See the "The Lord of the Rings" movie for great wizard costume ideas.

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