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Hawaiian Luau

Aloha! Paradise is yours if you pick this exotic theme. Hawaii is another popular honeymoon destination. This theme is sure to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere for you and your guests.


    • Beach resort or big back yard (preferably with a pool).


    • Tropical flowers work best such as lilies, orchids, plumeria, tuberose and bird of paradise. Large hibiscus plants can be placed in front of the cake and gift tables and near entrances.
    • Rent torches to place at the entrance to the site. You can also use small torches in the flower arrangements, but make sure they are secure. This idea is best for outdoor weddings held in the evening and adds wonderful drama.
    • Rent grass skirts to use as decorations along the front of the cake table and as wall decorations.


    • The "Hawaiian Wedding Song" and other island music.
    • Hire Hawaiian dancers to put on a show during the reception. Ask them to stay and join you as guests after the performance. Their costumes will add to the festivities.


    • It is recommended that you find a caterer who specializes in Hawaiian luaus. Typical foods include pineapples, guavas, bananas, coconuts and a large roast pig with all the trimmings.
    • PiƱa coladas (a sweet drink).

    Additional Details

    • Ask your florist to make flower leis or purchase artificial ones. Give them as favors.

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