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Fifties Bop

This theme is sure to create a fun-filled atmosphere at your wedding and is very easy and relatively inexpensive to pull together.


  • A beach house or local dance club. Make sure to get a site with a dance floor.


  • Hang colorful Hula-Hoops on the walls.
  • Pink and white flowers are used, especially carnations.


  • Play rock 'n' roll and love songs sung by popular fifties artists like Belafonte, Frankie Avalon, Doris Day, The Everly Brothers, Patty Page and, of course, Elvis Presley.


  • Cherry cola, finger foods, or if you want a more casual dinner try a "build your own burger" buffet or ask everyone to meet at a local drive-in. Give your guests vouchers for dinner.

Additional Details

  • Make wedding programs explaining your theme and what's ahead. Present them to guests as they arrive. You can also include a preview with your wedding invitations asking guests to dress for the occasion in fifties attire.
  • The newly married couple leaves the site in a fifties vintage car (How about a '57 Chevy or even a motorcycle!
  • The Bride would look the part in a Grace Kelly dress and pearls.
  • The male attendants would wear white sport coats with a single pink carnation.
  • For a lighter look during the reception, ask your attendants to wear black leather jackets. You can even wear one over your wedding dress.
  • Consider greased or ducktail hairstyles for the men.
  • If you chose a beach house setting, have the female attendants wear short shorts and the male attendants wear long Bermuda shorts. Both were popular beachwear in the fifties.
  • An outlandish fad known as "cramming" swept college campuses in the late fifties. The idea of the game was to scrunch as many people or objects as possible into a small space (i.e. telephone booths, cars). Try something like this during the middle of the reception and ask your DJ to narrate the event.
  • Inspirational movies include "West Side Story" and "Grease".

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