Wedding Decorations & Accessories

Ethnic Traditions

An ethnic theme is a great way to incorporate your heritage into your wedding ceremony and reception and a great way to personalize your day and teach your guests about your background. Heritage from both the bride and groom can be included.


  • Artwork from your country would be used to decorate walls or act as centerpieces. The larger items are better and create more impact.
  • Choose flowers from your native land if they are available through your florist.


  • Choose your native music or hire a musician or family member to play a native instrument. If family or friends know certain songs, ask them to sing a love song in your native language or hire a professional vocalist or dancer. A native love story could be told to your guests.


  • Food and drinks native to your ethnic background would be served during the reception.

Additional Details

  • Part of the wedding ceremony would be in your family's native language.
  • Be sure to include any native customs or games.
  • Dress the part. An authentic or reproduced native wedding dress is sure to get attention. Have your family dress in native clothing as well.

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