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Easter Beginnings

Easter signifies re-birth and new beginnings. Use these ideas to create a simple and charming spring wedding.


  • A church is the best site for an Easter wedding ceremony since churches are usually decorated.


  • Easter hymns sung by a choir or played on a piano.


  • Flowers are plentiful and less expensive in spring and make wonderful centerpieces and altar decorations. Easter lilies and daffodils are popular. Freesia fills the air with a wonderful aroma.
  • As an alternative to flowers, consider large Easter baskets filled with colorful plastic eggs. Fill the eggs with colorful jellybeans and tie a pretty ribbon around each one (The ribbon covers the seam). Give them to your guests as wedding favors. Tie a large colorful ribbon, in your wedding colors, to the top of the basket handle and let the ends of the ribbon trail down to the tabletop. Six inch wide Bridal netting (tulle) may also be used.
  • Place small bowls of colorful chocolate eggs on each table.
  • Purchase three large stuffed Easter bunnies. Set one on the gift table, one on the guest book table and one in the center of the buffet table.
  • If space permits, why not have an Easter egg hunt. Your guests or perhaps just the children would hunt for their favors.


  • A white tiered cake decorated with real flowers would be beautiful.
  • For as long as most of us can remember, ham has graced the table at Easter. Ham is a versatile food that can make an elegant initial appearance; glazed and studded with cloves and pineapple slices, and in the company of an abundance of scalloped potatoes. A fully cooked ham only needs a quick warm-through and glaze before it can grace your buffet table. (Simply warm it 10 to15 minutes per pound, or until it reaches an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Additional Details

  • The bridesmaids would wear pastel or floral prints.
  • Flower girls in frilly white dresses are a nice touch. Have them carry a small Easter basket and sprinkle rose petals down the aisle to start the ceremony.

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