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Country Charm

If you, your family or friends decorate or collect country style artifacts, you have what you need to create this simple and charming theme at minimal cost.


  • Perfect sites include quaint churches, barns, farmhouses or ranches.


  • Borrow quilts to decorate plain walls or to place across the gift or cake table.
  • Cover reception tables with white or colored butcher paper then lay inexpensive curtain lace over the top.
  • Arrange large straw hats on the walls or tables. Fill them with flowers or decorate them with colorful ribbons.
  • Place large country-style craft items at entrances and by the gift, cake or guest book tables. Large farm tools can also become decorations.
  • Sunflowers or daisies are wonderful flowers for this theme.
  • Use a large cart for a gift table.


  • Use plenty of country music, line dancing or square dancing. Hire a dance caller if you have square dancing planned.
  • Hire a fiddle or banjo player.


  • A country BBQ or delicate finger-foods will work.

Additional Details

  • Bride and bridesmaids wear country-style dresses. Flower girls wear pretty dresses made with calico fabric.

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