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Baloons Galore

Balloons are an affordable and fun way to decorate for your wedding. We recommend that you choose only three or four balloon ideas for the reception so as not to block anyone’s view during the festivities.


    • White, pink, silver, gold, or clear balloons work great. Clear balloons can hold confetti or other balloons inside of them.


    • Simple balloon arches are relatively easy to make and create a lot of impact. Directions: Take a strong piece of string and cut it to the length you want your arch to be, plus 2 feet. Then tie a 6 inch piece of string to the bottom of each helium filled balloon. Begin tying the balloons to the long piece of string until you can no longer see the string (leave 1 foot of string at each end for tying onto things).
    • Tie a balloon arch to every three rows of pews. You can walk under them as you head toward the altar. No need for pew bows!
    • Gather fabric around any can of food and tie with a string. Then tie clusters of eight to ten helium balloons with 6 foot long pieces of string or ribbon to the gathered area. Place one cluster on either side of the cake table or buffet table and at the entrance to the reception area. These clusters can be placed into large potted plants or set at each corner of a dance floor.

    Additional Details

    • How about a balloon drop during the reception? The nets can be rented.
    • You could give the balloons as favors by tying one to the back of each guest chair or wine glass.
    • Balloons can be incorporated into a variety of flower arrangements or unique centerpieces. Check with your florist.
    • Include a balloon theme on your invitations.

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