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Arabian Nights

"Welcome to Agrabah. City of mystery and enchantment." This fantasy theme is sure to create a memorable evening for everyone. It works best for receptions with fewer than 75 people.


  • Choose an indoor site with few windows. The room should be no larger than 100 feet by 100 feet in order to maintain an intimate feeling and keep costs down.


  • Take several strands of small white lights and swag them across the ceiling in a random pattern. When you dim the lights, they will look like a star filled Arabian night sky.
  • Purchase inexpensive bolts of silky fabric in dark jewel tone colors (red, blue, green, and gold). Attach or hang the fabric across the walls occasionally crossing over the different color fabrics and you move around the room. Cover as much of the wall as possible. This will give the effect of being inside an Arabian tent that is open to the stars.
  • Take some of the fabric and make huge pillows. Simply cut two squares measuring 3 feet by 3 feet. Sew the squares together at the edges leaving a 1 foot edge un-sewn. Turn inside out and stuff with plastic bags or newspapers. Sew the opening shut. Add a gold tassel to each corner (optional). Prop them in front of the cake and gift tables.
  • Borrow a couple of large oriental "magic" carpets or rugs to put on the floor.
  • A sword fight by two Arabian nights is sure to get attention.
  • Place a large genie-style lamp or vase on the guest book table. A chunk of dry ice in the lamp will create a magical, smoky effect and give your guests a hint of what's to come.
  • For centerpieces, cluster small white votive candles in the center of each table. Sprinkle silver glitter or chocolate coins around the candles.


  • Play classic Arabian music and tunes from Disney's "Aladdin" movie.
  • Hire a team of belly dancers to do a live performance.
  • Ask a friend dress to up like a snake charmer. Get a large reed basket and a big plastic cobra snake. Place the snake in the basket. Tie fishing line to the snake's head and string the line up to the ceiling above, over to the back of the room and secure to the wall. During the reception the snake charmer will sit in front of the basket and begin playing mesmerizing flute music. Have someone across the room pull on the piece of fishing line and lift the snake's head slowly out of the basket. (It is wise to practice this part before the reception).


  • Serve the food market style! Hang brown or tan fabric to the ceiling and let it trail down at the sides of a large buffet table. Hang plenty of real fruit from the ceiling and let it dangle just below the fabric. Use bananas grapes, dates and baskets of apples.
  • Display the food higher at the back of the table and lower at the front. Do this by taking cardboard boxes and placing them at the back of the table. Secure them to the table with tape. Throw a large piece of fabric over the entire table and down the front then place your food on platters. A few votive candles dispersed among the food will bring it all together.
  • Plenty of fresh fruit, roast chicken and breads are a must.

Additional Details

  • The wedding party would change into Arabian costume after the wedding.
  • A non-traditional cake is in order. Ask you baker for unique ideas.
  • The bride and groom would leave on an Arabian horse.
  • Inspirational movies include "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Aladdin".

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