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Other Wedding Favor Ideas


  • Charity Note: Write a note to each guest stating that you have made a charitable donation in the guest's name. Roll and tie with a ribbon.
  • List of Fun Things To Do: If many of your guests are visiting the area, make a list of fun events they can attend the day after the wedding. Roll it into a tube and tie with a ribbon.
  • Postcard: Buy postcards that represent your area. Write a special message on each one thanking your guests for being part of your celebration. Place each one against the wine glass or on the plate.
  • Word Search Puzzle: Word searches are a popular pastime. Make your own by using words which represent your wedding. Wedding party names, your interests and pet names all work well. Make several copies, roll into a scroll, and tie with a ribbon.
  • Newsletter: A newsletter is a great way to introduce both of your families to one another. Include photographs of your families and write short biographies for each. Fold and place in an envelope or roll and tie with a ribbon.
  • Poem: Write a small poem yourself or choose one from a poem book at the library. Roll it up and tie with ribbon or small silk flowers.
  • Paperback Book: Small books make great favors. Choose your favorite book or one to fit your theme.
  • Customized T-shirt: This is a fun favor that your guests can wear. Buy a box of plain T-shirts, take them to a printing shop and have an appropriate design or phrase put on them.


  • Candid Photo: Take a 3x5 inch photo of the two of you and get a reprint for each guest. Place each photo in a pretty envelope and decorate as you like. Consider using as a place card.
  • Polaroid Photograph: Have a friend or family member take a Polaroid photo of each guest as they arrive. Give to the respective guest as a favor before the night is over.
  • Mini Photo Album: Small albums which hold one roll of film (36 exp.) can be purchased for under $5.
  • Disposable Camera: Buy one camera per couple. Encourage your guests to use them during the reception. You'll probably get copies of some of the photos later!
  • Photo Mug: Have your pictures put on a mug and fill it with large foil wrapped candy. Buy strips of craft foil and hang over the sides of the mug for a festive effect. Tip: fill the bottom half of the mug with shredded craft foil so not so much candy is used.

Practical Items

  • Matchbook: This favor is available through invitation suppliers or you may purchase them yourselves and decorate.
  • Napkin: This inexpensive favor can be ordered from almost any invitation supplier. There is a wide choice of colors and designs available.
  • Sewing Kit: Small sewing kits can be purchased at your local superstore and some supermarkets for as little as a dollar. Wrap like a small present with colorful paper or craft foil.
  • Stamps: Do either of you work for the post office? This favor will get used for sure. Place 4 to 8 love stamps in a small envelope and add a note of thanks.
  • Toothpicks: Purchase a small box or other interesting container and fill with toothpicks. Decorate with ribbon or flowers and add an event card.
  • Phone Card: Why not buy each of your guests a phone card with 5 to 10 minutes of long distance time. Place in a small envelope and use as a place card. A gold seal is a classy touch.
  • Deck of Cards: There are many decorative cards on the market today. Consider having cards made with your engagement photo on the back.

Office Mementos

  • Mini Notebook: Notebooks can be found almost anywhere at minimal cost. Choose one with a pretty cover and tie with a ribbon.
  • Paper Weight: Purchase ready made paperweights or make your own. One idea is to take medium sized smooth stones, wash them and paint each one with what ever design you like. Look though magazines to get ideas and make sure to sign the back of each one.
  • Colorful Self-Stick Notes: These notes come in several colors and are easy to decorate with flowers or ribbon. You could wrap each one in beautiful wrapping paper.
  • Mini Stapler: These can be purchased at office product stores and they come in a variety of colors. Finish off with a ribbon tied in a bow.
  • Pen/Pencil: Pens and pencils can be purchased with your names and wedding dates on them. Decorate each one with a beautiful 1" wide ribbon tied in a bow.
  • Stationary: A small box of stationary makes a great favor. Decorate with a simple ribbon.
  • Pocket Calendar: These are thoughtful favors to give to guests toward the end of the year. They are widely available at most stationary stores. Tie with any size ribbon.


  • Fishing Lure: Fishing is popular with both men and women. Consider a packaged lure tied with a ribbon (keep in the package so the hooks don’t hurt anyone). This one is also good for nautical themes.
  • Autographed Baseball: Take one new baseball and have the bride and groom autograph it. Tie a 1" wide ribbon in a bow around the ball to add a feminine touch.
  • Decorated Golf Ball: Take net circles and gather around a golf ball. Tie with a ribbon and add your event tag.
  • Sports Cards: Purchase 5 to 10 sports cards for each guest. Wrap in clear or colored cellophane and tie a ribbon.
  • Tennis Ball: Take a tennis ball and wrap with tulle and a ribbon or just tie with a beautiful 1" wide ribbon. They come in colors other than yellow!

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