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Holiday Wedding Favor Ideas


  • Candy Cane: Take one or two candy canes (the kind that are already wrapped in clear plastic) and tie with a white or red ribbon.
  • Christmas Decoration or Ornament: Decorations and ornaments are plentiful during the Christmas season and your guests can use them year after year.
  • Jingle Bell: Buy 82 mm round jingle bells at a craft or sewing store. Glue flowers and ribbon to the top with a hot glue gun.
  • Small Poinsettia Plant: Buy the smallest ones you can find and tie a white ribbon around the pot. Medium size poinsettias look great placed in groups at each table.
  • Small Wreath: Purchase small wreaths at a craft store and decorate with holly or small pine cones.


  • Box of Chocolates: Small heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates are the perfect favor for Valentines weddings. They are easy to find at most super stores and supermarkets.
  • Cherub Candle Holders: Inexpensive cherub candle holders can be found at most craft stores. Decorate with ribbon or flowers (candle is optional).
  • Heart Balloon: Fill beautiful heart balloons with helium and tie to the back of each guest chair or wine glass. This favor does double duty by becoming part of the reception decorations.
  • Potpourri Heart: Fill clear plastic hearts (found at craft stores) with your choice of potpourri. Decorate with flowers or ribbon.


  • Chocolate Eggs: Wrap several chocolate eggs in tulle, gather and tie with a ribbon. You may hide these around the reception area and have a favor hunt. Once a guest finds a favor, they sit down. The last guest to find a favor must do something interesting that you have chosen.
  • Basket of Joy: Fill a small plastic or natural basket with candy or Jordan almonds. Wrap the whole thing in tulle or just the candy for a different look.
  • Chocolate Bunny: Purchase small foil wrapped chocolate bunnies and tie ribbons around their necks in your wedding colors.
  • Plastic Egg: Plastic eggs are plentiful around Easter time. Buy the pastel kind and fill with candy. Tie a pretty ribbon around the center to hide the seam. Place in a small Easter basket at each table or have one large Easter basket in the center of the table and place all your favor eggs into it. Your flower girl can walk around with a basket of eggs and pass them out to your guests.

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