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Heritage Wedding Favor Ideas


  • Chinese Fortune Cookie: Buy fortune cookies, enough for all your guests. Carefully remove the fortune with tweezers and put your own personalized message inside. An alternative is to have them made for you with your personalized message inside.
  • Origami Figurine: Check out a book on Chinese origami (paper folding) from your library and buy some beautiful origami paper from a craft store. Choose any animal, bird or flower pattern you like. This will go much faster if you have friends or family help you.
  • English Lace: Purchase lace material at a fabric store and cut into 9" x 9" squares. Take 4-5 English toffees (wrapped) and gather the lace around them. Finish with small silk roses.
  • African Wood Carvings: Purchase small imported wood carvings that are made in Africa. These are pretty just the way they are.
  • Japanese Saki: Miniature bottles of Japanese Saki make wonderful favors.
  • Scandinavian Candies: Purchase tiny boxes of Scandinavian marzipan candies. Most specialty candy shops will have them.
  • Irish Linen Handkerchief: Purchase small lace handkerchiefs and place 5 - 10 Jordan almonds in the center. Gather and tie with pretty ribbon. Add some delicate silk flowers.


  • Olive Leaf Headpiece: Purchase vines of olive leaves at your local craft store and form them into circles. This will help the guests be part of your theme.
  • Olives: Take small jars of olives and tie with a fancy ribbon. Attach an event tag or special thank you message.


  • Flower Lei: These chains of flowers are customary in Hawaii. They also make colorful table decorations. Ask your florist if they can make them or buy fakes.
  • Coconut: Purchase coconuts at your grocery store. Wrap each one with a large ribbon in your wedding colors. This favor is a real eye catcher.
  • Sunblock: Buy a small bottle of sunblock or skin care product for each guest. Decorate with ribbon or tulle. A silk flower adds a nice touch.


  • Mini Piñatas: Tiny piñatas are available at many specialty paper stores.
  • Small Cactus: Purchase small cactus for each guest and decorate with a raffia bow.

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