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Garden Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Perennial Flower Seed Packet: Colorful seed packets make beautiful favors. Leave as-is or attach an event tag or thank you message.
  • Rose Petal Cones: Take sheets of stiff white paper and cut into 6x6 inch squares. Write in calligraphy or use your computer to print your names and wedding date in one of the corners. Fold the paper in a cone so the writing appears on the inside, top corner. Secure with clear tape. Fill the cone with rose petals. Your guests can throw them as you leave.
  • Silk Flower(s): A single red silk rose (or real if your budget allows) tied with a white or cream ribbon is stunning. Consider a flower that matches your theme or wedding colors. Add an event tag or have the information put onto the ribbon. Printed ribbons are available through most invitation companies.
  • Vase of Flowers: Most dollar stores have several small vases in stock. Decorate them with ribbon and add a silk flower or two.
  • Small Topiary: Topiaries are popular home d├ęcor items and will add a special touch to your reception tables. They can be purchased or hand made. Place in groups at the center of each table.
  • Terracotta Pot & Seed Packet: Buy the smallest terracotta pots you can find. Place a perennial seed packet in each one and decorate the pot with a raffia bow.
  • Tree Seedling (Evergreen): Tree seedlings are extremely popular at today's weddings. They come pre-packaged at your local nursery. They also work as Christmas favors. Add a ribbon to finish them off.
  • Potted Plant: Potted plants make wonderful favors and double as centerpieces when placed in groups at each table. No additional decorations are needed.

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