Wedding Decorations & Accessories

Edible Wedding Favors

  • Gourmet Coffee Packs: A miniature gourmet coffee pack decorated with small flowers and ribbon.
  • Preserve: Purchase tiny jars of jam or make yourself. Cut a circle of fabric which coordinates with your bridal colors and tie over the lid with a ribbon or raffia.
  • Tea Bag: Purchase a small tin of tea or tie a pretty bag of tea (paper wrapped) with a ribbon. Add your event tag.
  • Bottle of Spice or Herb: Just about any spice or herb will work. Your guests will think of you every time they use it! Decorate with ribbon or flowers.
  • Regional Food: If you are expecting a lot of out-of-town guests, try a regional food item such as a type of fruit or bottled drink. Add a ribbon or flower.
  • Coffee Spoon: These favors are used to add flavor to coffee. Plastic spoons are dipped in chocolate and cooled on wax paper. The chocolate covered end is then wrapped with tulle, gathered and tied with a ribbon or flower.
  • Homemade Cookie(s): Decorate your favorite homemade cookies (shaped into hearts or bells). Wrap with clear plastic wrap or clear bags and tie with colorful ribbons.
  • Wedding Cake Sampler: Take small wax coated boxes and have your cake baker place a small piece of cake in each one. Decorate the box with a ribbon or silk flower.
  • A Spoon Full of Sugar: Buy sturdy white plastic spoons. Place two to three Jordan almonds in the spoon and wrap with a circle of tulle. Gather and tie the tulle with a ribbon at the base of the spoon.
  • Assorted Mints: Mints are colorful and do not melt. Wrap them in tulle and tie with a pretty ribbon in your wedding colors.
  • Fine Chocolates: Choose fine chocolates that have foil wrappers. Wrap in a tulle circle and tie with a ribbon.
  • Jordan Almond Surprise: Wrap five to ten Jordan almonds in tulle and tie with a ribbon.
  • Decorated Candybar: Take any flat candy bar and remove the outer wrapper. Make your own wrapper using a computer and any color paper. Consider a love recipe for one side such as: "Take two people in love, add lots of trust, honesty and friendship, blend well and savor." Put your names and wedding date on the front.
  • Candy Kiss Rose: Place two candy kisses base to base. Wrap with tulle and attach to a floral wire using floral tape. Attach two silk rose leaves and tie a ribbon to the stem.
  • Truffles: Purchase tiny boxes through your local craft store or invitation supplier and fill with chocolate truffles. Decorate the boxes with paint or ribbon.

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