Wedding Decorations & Accessories

Reception Decorating - Special Touches

  • Create a collage (picture board) of the two of you growing up and meeting. Choose formal as well as candid photos and create captions for each one.
  • Display wedding gowns from family members on walls or rented dress forms. Include a wedding photo of the bride next to the dress.
  • A table filled with family or photos of the two of you will add a personal touch to your wedding.
  • Christmas weddings call for decorated Christmas trees.
  • If trees or bushes surround you, string tiny white lights through them to add drama and romance.
  • Tie a big white bow to the collar of the family dog or cat.
  • Hang colorful piñatas and ask folks try to break them with a stick while blindfolded.
  • Dove releases are romantic and memorable.
  • If you have a wedding theme, ask your guests to dress the part. Western gear, black and white for contemporary settings or 50’s attire are popular.
  • Have a friend or family member take a Polaroid of your guests as they arrive at your reception. The photos are pinned to a silk tree (photo tree) and are given as favors when the guests leave.
  • White Greek pedestals are great for formal weddings. Spiral white tulle around each one and place large potted plants on them. Consider renting one of the many styles available.
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