Wedding Decorations & Accessories

Reception Buffet Table Decorations

  • Place silk or real trees on either side or behind the buffet table. Add tiny white lights for a romantic look.
  • Rent a fountain to place in the center of the buffet table. The sound of the water is soothing & elegant. This is especially good for formal outdoor weddings.
  • Vases of flowers or candelabras dress up any table elegantly.
  • Use a large gingerbread house or ice sculpture as a focal point on the table. Consider bowls made of ice to hold food or bottles of champagne.
  • Rent a champagne or chocolate fountain to add pizzazz to the table.
  • For a nautical look, use white or natural rope amongst the food platters and hang white life preservers on the front of the table.
  • Skirt the buffet table to the floor if possible.
  • Swag garlands, ribbon or lengths of tulle around the edges of the table. Attach with safety pins. Cover the safety pins with bows, flowers or paper bells.
  • Elevate your food platters up as much as possible. Place bricks, books, or shoeboxes on the table surface where you want the platters to rest. Then cover the whole table with a beautiful solid color fabric. Now place your platters on the bricks. For extra elegance, position votive candles, wide ribbon, greenery and champagne bottles in and amongst the food. Tiny white lights also work well.
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