Wedding Decorations & Accessories

Ceremony Entrance Decorations

  • Place the guest book, signing pen and beautiful fresh flowers or topiaries on a small table.
  • Put a large framed engagement picture or other picture of the two of you on an easel. Guests can sign the matting instead of a guest book.
  • Have guests sign a wedding scroll rather then a guest book.
  • Are you getting married at Christmas time? Instead of a guest book, ask your guests to sign a Christmas tree skirt.
  • Rent torches to place at the entrance. This idea is best for outdoor weddings held in the evening and adds wonderful drama.
  • Decorate tree branches with small white lights (best for evenings).
  • If you have steps leading up to the site, place inexpensive pots of flowers to the sides of each (or every other) step.
  • If you are using a theme, find a large item that fits with your theme to place at the entrance. This gives your guests an idea of what's ahead.
  • Have your immediate family (who are not in the wedding party) stand at the entrance and welcome each guest as they enter.
  • Place potted trees (real or silk) on either side of the entrance. Decorate each one with small white lights. Some nusuries will rent plants to you.
  • Make colorful wedding programs explaining what will take place during your wedding ceremony. Present them to guests as they arrive or fan them out on a table. You may also include things like words of thanks, bridal party participants, love poems, a story of how the two of you met, and pictures, etc. A map to the reception site may also be included.
  • Decorate any banisters, railings or columns with ivy garlands, swags of flowers, tulle and/or white lights.
  • Two large clusters of colorful balloons will also create a striking entrance. These clusters can be placed into large potted plants or set in any corner. Tie a 6 - 8 foot length of curling ribbon to helium-filled balloons. Gather several balloons together & tie to a can of food. Cover the can of food with fabric & add a colorful bow.

Design Note:

The most elegant colors for wedding balloons are combinations of white, ivory, clear or gold. For more drama, add a few balloons in your primary wedding color. Clear balloons can hold confetti or other balloons inside of them. Choose only three or four balloon ideas for the reception so as not to block anyone’s view. Fill balloons with helium as close to the ceremony time as possible so they do not end up on the floor during all the festivities!

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