Wedding Decorations & Accessories

Altar Decorations

  • Purchase dozens of large, potted plants and cluster them around the altar. Afterwards, give them as favors to guests or as a "thank you" to people who helped with your wedding.
  • A white lattice arch decorated with lots of white or ivory tulle (veil netting) and greenery makes a beautiful place to stand while exchanging your vows. Rent or purchase them at garden stores.
  • Purchase a beautiful unity candle set and decorate the base with flowers.
  • A beautiful view of a lake, ocean or cityscape are ultimate outdoor decorations.
  • A gazebo is wonderful for outdoor weddings. Decorate it with volumes of white tulle or garlands of flowers.
  • Rent two candelabras to place on either side of the altar. Decorate with flowers, ribbon or tulle. Add long taper candles and light them prior to or as part of the ceremony.
  • Two large 4 to 6-foot green topiaries will look stunning on either side of the altar area. Decorate them with satin ribon, tulle bows, steamers or flowers (silk or real). Rent topiaries for the day.
  • Choose a ceremony site with a large stain glass window or interesting architecture at the altar area. These items become your primary decorations.
  • Christmas weddings call for a decorated Christmas tree near the altar.
  • If you have several members in your wedding party, keep in mind that their attire will dominate the altar area once the ceremony begins (especially if their attire is in a bold color). Few additional decorations would be needed.
  • Light numerous votive or tea light candles and place them all around the altar area on tables and floor. This idea is great for an evening wedding and provides lots of romance for little money and effort.
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