Wedding Decorations & Accessories

Ceremony Aisle, Pew, & Chair Decorations

  • Tie a helium balloon arch to every third row of pews or aisle chairs. Walk under them as you head toward the altar.
  • Swag three-inch wide velvet ribbon along the rows of pews or aisle chairs. Place a bow made out of the same ribbon where the ribbon is attached to the pews or chairs.
  • Take several strands of small white lights (the smaller the better) and swag them across the ceiling in a random pattern. When you dim the lights, they will look like a star filled night sky.
  • Instead of pew bows, place beautiful potted plants on the floor at the end of each pew or aisle chair.
  • Have your flower girl sprinkle rose petals down the aisle as she walks.
  • Use an aisle runner in a white or ivory color.
  • Purchase tulle by the bolt (tulle is basically inexpensive veil netting) in any light pastelcolor (white works well for most weddings). Swag the tulle to each or every other pew/chair starting at the front and working down the aisles (both sides) to the back of the church or last row of chairs. At each pew, gather the tulle & tie it with a small rubber band. Add flowers & ribbon as desired.

Design Note:

Simple balloon arches are relatively easy to make and create a lot of impact. Directions: Take a strong piece of string and cut it to the length you want your arch to be, plus 2 feet. Then tie a 6-inch piece of string to the bottom of each helium-filled balloon. Begin tying the balloons tightly to the long piece of string until you can no longer see the string (leave 1-foot of string at each end for tying onto things). Another option is to swag tulle between clusters of balloons.

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