Wedding Decorations & Accessories

Rhinestone Buckle Headbands

Create pretty headbands using satin ribbon and rhinestone buckles. This accessory is easy to make and is perfect for bridesmaids, flower girls and the bride! Coordinate the ribbon color with your wedding colors.

Materials and Tools:
Step 1. Thread the Buckles

Cut the satin ribbon to 32 inches and thread the buckles onto it as shown. Make sure the buckles all face the same direction.

Step 2. Position the Buckles

Slide the buckles so that they are centered on the ribbon with no spaces between them. Cut the ribbon ends at an angle using sharp scissors. (Note: If you are using only one buckle as shown later, it's best to position it to the side of the head.)

Place the headband so that the buckles are centered with the top of the head. Wrap the ribbon behind the ears an tie it in a simple bow at the back of the neck.

Step 3. Another Style

A pink headband design using smaller, square buckles.

Step 4. Another Style

A white headband using only one round buckle. Perfect for the bride.

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