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Garland Lights Centerpiece

Add the WOW factor to your evening wedding reception with these dramatic crystal, glass, and floral centerpieces. They are best for rooms where the lights can be dimmed or for outdoor evening receptions and events. You can easily change the look by using different silk flowers such as hydrangeas, poinsettias, roses or lilies which can coordinate with your theme or season. This also makes them reusable for holidays and parties throughout the year.

This centerpiece uses silk flowers and requires no glue or water. The lights are battery operated, and the on/off switch is hidden in the top of the vase just under the flowers. Each centerpieces takes about ten minutes to make.

Materials and Tools:
Step 1. Wrap the Garland

Wrap the ice drop garland around the glass vase from bottom to top and secure it by bending the end of the garland wire over the top edge of the vase.

Step 2. Prepare Light Set & Add Filler

Insert two AA batteries in the miniature light set. Fill the vase about 2/3 full with shredded cellophane or paper. We used iridescent shred for a sparkly look.

Step 3. Fill the Vase

Gather the light strands together and push them in the vase so that about 4-5 inches of the strands hangs out. Position the battery box near the top so that the on-off switch can still be easily reached. Add a little more filler until the vase is full and slightly overflows the vase. Weave five of the light strands around and through the garland so that they are at different levels. Leave the other five lights available for step 4.

Step 4. Add Flower(s)

Add cut silk flowers to the top of the vase and then place the remaining five lights in or around the flowers so that the LED bulbs show evenly around the top. Depending on the type of flower you use, you may need to use a little clear tape or floral tape to hold the lights to the stems. Here we used hydrangea flowers which did not require tape.

Step 5. Finishing Up

Just before the event begins, turn on the centerpiece lights. It's best to delegate this task to someone else if using these centerpieces for your wedding reception and keep extra batteries on hand.

For even more drama, add a mirror platter underneath the vase. Dim the room lights and enjoy this beautiful centerpiece.

Step 6. Another Example

We used pink hydrangeas in this centerpiece.

Step 7. Created by Donna Diglio

Donna Diglio submitted a photo of her beautiful garland centerpiece. She used white silk hydrangeas, reeds, and blue feathers. She placed her centerpeice on a large mirror and added lace and blue gem accents. Thanks Donna!

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