Wedding Decorations & Accessories

Prism Spray Centerpiece

This eye catching centerpiece takes just minutes to set up and works with winter, spring and summer-themed weddings. Coordinate the ribbon and butterflies with your wedding color scheme. Add additional accents to play up a theme.

Materials and Tools:
  • Prism Sprays - 1 pack of 6 sprays (6)
  • Glass Vase - 5" high w/narrow opening (1)
  • Glittered Butterflies - 3" or 4" diameter (2)
  • Wide Ribbon - any wide sheer ribbon (1.5 foot)
  • Mirrot Tile or Doily - optional (1 each)
  • Sharp Scissors
Step 1. Tie The Ribbon

Tie the ribbon onto the vase in a bow and trim to the desired length with sharp scissors.

Step 2. Add the Prism Sprays

Place the prism sprays in the vase and arrange so that they are evenly spaced and point outward.

Step 3. Add the Butterflies

Take two of the butterflies and straighten their wires. Place them in the vase with the prism sprays.

Step 4. Details

Feel free to experiment with different bases such as a mirror tile or lace doily. Sprinkle rose petals around the base for a spring time feel or consider faux ice drops or glitter for a more winter themed event.

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