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Starfish Pew Decoration

No beach-themed wedding is complete without starfish! This pretty pew decoration is inexpensive and very easy to make. Decorate pews or chair ends during the ceremony, then move the bows to the reception to decorate chairbacks, tables, doors or walls. This bow also resembles a jellyfish when complete! Great for wedding, prom, or nautical-themed events.

Materials and Tools:
Step 1. Gather the Tulle

When cutting the tulle for this project, decide how high you want your pew decoration to be and multiply the length by two. Fold the tulle in half and gather it about 6 to 8-inches down from the fold. This will form a loop of tulle at the top. Secure the loop at the top by tying ribbons around the tulle and letting them hang freely.

Step 2. Fan the Tulle

Starting with one edge of the tulle, gently fan it out with your fingers until you reach the other edge.

Step 3. Add More Detail

Tie on more ribbon if desired. Here we added a satin-edged chiffon to the center. The ribbon mimics tentacles on a jellyfish. You could also add pearl strings or raffia depending on the formality of the event.

Step 4. Glue on Starfish

With a hot glue gun, attach a starfish to the center of the pew bow. Then randomly glue three more to the upper part and three to the lower part of the pew bow in the same manner. Press the glue through both layers of tulle to give the whole bow some rigidity.

Step 5. Hide the Edges

Hot glue the tips of the fanned out tulle to each other so that they are hidden behind the drape.

Step 6. Hang and Trim

Use pew clips or ribbon to attach the bow to your pews, tables, or chairbacks. Tacks work best for walls. Trim the bottom edge of the bow with sharp scissors for a clean, finished edge.

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