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Candle Centerpiece

Everyone can share this candle centerpiece since it also doubles as wedding favors. The eight pairs of taper candles can be given as favors at the end of the evening. An easy project that looks elegant, can be customized to your bridal colors.

Materials and Tools:
  • Taper Candles - Any Color (16)
  • Satin Ribbon - Any Color (8 yards)
  • Square Glass Vase - 4-1/2" square (1)
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Clear Plastic Kitchen Wrap (0.5 roll)
Step 1. Position the Candles

Roll out about 1-ft of plastic wrap and lay two candles side-by-side at the angle shown.

Step 2. Wrap the Candles

Begin rolling the candles ensuring that the candle labels stay on the same side. Roll until there is roughly 3" of excess wrapping above the tops of the candles.

Step 3. Cut the Plastic Wrap

Cut the plastic and wrap the excess around the candles.

Step 4. Tie the Ribbon

Cut 1-yard of satin ribbon and tie it in a bow to the excess wrapping above the candles. Tie the bow so that the candle labels are on the back. Trim the ribbon ends at an angle. Trim the excess plastic wrap.

Step 5. Position the Candles

Place eight pairs of the candles into the glass vase with the bows facing out.

Step 6. Finishing Up

Place the centerpice in the center of the table. Add confetti if desired.

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