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Rose Petal Basket

Your flower girl will love sprinkling petals from this elegant rose petal basket. This project is affordable, easy, and looks beautiful. Add your own embellishments for a customized look. Measures 11" tall, 3.5" deep, 5" diameter opening.

Materials and Tools:
  • Faux Rose Petals 1 bag for decorating, 1 bag for fill (2 bag of 100)
  • Small Basket (1 each)
  • Satin Ribbon - Any Color (66 inches)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sharp Scissors
Step 1. Gather Supplies

Gather the supplies together and begin heating the glue gun. While the gun is heating, cut the satin ribbon into two 33" lengths. Open the bag of petals you want to use for decorating the basket. Select the largest petals and set them aside for use in the next step.

Step 2. Applying Petals

Put hot glue on the back of a large petal then place it on the rim of the basket lengthwise. Hold until dry. See picture detail. Continue to glue the petals to the rim of the basket overlapping each petal so that the entire basket rim is covered.

Step 3. Applying Petals Cont…

Repeat this process with the bottom edge of the basket.

Step 4. Applying Petals Cont…

Continue applying petals to the rest of the basket as shown. Start with one petal and place it near the bottom slightly overlapping it with the bottom edge petals. Then place another petal above that and another above that one.

Step 5. Finish Applying Petals

Apply a second column of petals in a similar manner remembering to slightly overlap the petal edges with the first column. Depending on the size of your basket, more or fewer petals may be required to completely cover the surface.

Step 6. Tie the Ribbon

Tie one of the 33" satin ribbon sections into a bow at the base of each handle. Trim the ends of the ribbon on an angle so that all four lengths are equal.

Step 7. Finishing Up

Now fill the basket with the other bag of petals.

Design Note: To make a more extravagant basket, wrap the handle in satin ribbon and add additional silk roses or ribbon. Here we show the finished basket as this project describes.

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