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Square Glass Centerpieces

Create classic centerpieces with economical square glass containers. Here we show you a variety of elegant ways to decorate these simple vases using shells, candles, flowers, candy and ribbon.

Materials and Tools:
Step 1. Hydrangea Flower Centerpiece

Take one 4-1/2" glass cube vase and fill it half-full with glass beads. Place two hydrangea flowers in the vase. For real flowers, add water. Take one yard of satin-edged ribbon and tie it into a bow in the center. Do this with another piece of ribbon. Place both bows on top of the hydrangeas (secure with hot glue if needed.) Take a third hydrangea flower and break it apart. Place the flowers around the base of the arrangement.

Step 2. Classic Rose Centerpiece

Take four, glass cube vases (any size up to 5 inches) and place them together as shown in the photograph. Place a single glass votive cup and candle on the top and fill the vases with flowers.

Step 3. Dramatic Rose Centerpiece

For added drama, we took the previous centerpiece and added two yards of chiffon ribbon. Loosely wrap the ribbon twice around the vases. Trim and tuck the ribbon ends under one of the flowers or vases.

Step 4. Beach Wedding Centerpiece

Beach themes are extremely popular with today's couples. Arrange the vases and candles as shown in Style 2 above. Cut two yards of wide white chiffon ribbon, two yards of pink satin-edged ribbon and one yard of white faux pearls. Loosely wrap the chiffon ribbon twice around the centerpiece. Take the pink satin-edged ribbon and do the same. Then place the pearl strand loosely on top of the ribbon wrapping it once around the centerpiece. Finally, add large shells to the arrangement by propping them up against the glass vases.

Step 5. Island Coffee Centerpiece

Take five large hydrangea leaves and position them under a 3-1/2" glass vase in a star pattern. Fill the vase half-full with coffee beans. Push one votive cup and candle into the center of the coffee as shown. Add 4-6 hydrangea flowers at the bottom of the vase. Position five tea light candles evenly around the centerpiece.

Step 6. Stacked Floral Centerpiece

This centerpiece will give a grand look to your tables. Fill the vases first with your desired fillers and tie with ribbon. Then arrange the vases as shown, starting with 5 vases on the bottom, 3 in the middle, and 1 on the top. Finally, add your flowers. So elegant!

Step 7. Winter Wonderland Centerpiece

Sparkling with glitter snowflakes, this pretty centerpiece is perfect for a winter or Christmas themed wedding. Arrange the vases and candles as shown in Style 2 above. Position three snowflakes against the vases and three flat on the table as shown.

Step 8. Red-Rose Candle Centerpiece

Roses never go out of style. This centerpiece uses one 2-3/4" square glass vase. Fill the vase half-full with glass beads. Place one rose in the vase (Fill the vase with water when using fresh flowers). Arrange three votive cups and candles evenly around the vase as shown. To finish, sprinkle approximately 20 rose petals around the arrangement.

Step 9. Winter Wonderland Centerpiece 2

Here is another example of a winter wedding centerpiece that uses glittered, snowflakes, artificial snow and 15-inch tulle circles.

Step 10. Purple Posy Centerpiece

This simple centerpiece is made with a posy of purple flowers gathered together and placed in a square vase. More color can be added by placing glass marbles in the vase about 1 inch high.

Step 11. Fall Leaf & Garland Centerpiece

For this pretty Fall candle centerpiece we gathered silk leaves around a square vase and secured them with raffia. To make the centerpiece larger, we surrounded it with a gold garland and more leaves.

Step 12. Hydrangea Centerpiece

Here we wrapped a square vase with 1.5 inch satin ribbon and added a rhinestone buckle for sparkle. We placed a little diamond confetti in the bottom of the vase before adding a sprig of purple hydrangea.

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