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Chairback Decoration

Forget seat covers! This idea works great for bridal showers or receptions. Turn ordinary chairs into something special. This project is easy, affordable and makes a big impact.

Materials and Tools:
  • Bulk Tulle - 54" wide, White or Ivory (3 yards)
  • Silk Rose - Any Color, Any Size (1)
  • Large Safety Pin (1)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Sharp Scissors
Step 1. Attach the Tulle

Before cutting the tulle, tie it onto the chair. Cut to the desired length with scissors. Just touching the floor is a good length.

Step 2. Secure the Tulle

Secure the knot by using a safety pin. Be sure to go through both layers of tulle when pinning.

Step 3. Cover the Chair

Gently pull the edge of the tulle over the chair.

Step 4. Tuck the Tulle

Tuck the tulle behind the knot.

Step 5. Cut the Flower

Using wire cutters, cut the stem of the rose approximately 4 inches from the base of the flowerhead.

Step 6. Positon the Flower

Place the flower stem behind the knot while ensuring that the stem points downward.

Step 7. Finishing Up

Fan out the draping tulle and trim the ends if needed.

Step 8. Another Chairback Example

This design uses a hydrangea flower.

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