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Votive Spray Favors

Thank bridesmaids and guests with these pretty votive candle favors. Arrange several together for a great bridal shower centerpiece or place one at each place setting. Write each guest's name on the leaves for pretty place cards. You can also write your names and wedding date for personalized reception favors.

Materials and Tools:
Step 1. Position the Candle

Lay three tulle circles on the table slightly staggering the edges. Put the votive candle into the votive cup. Place both on the center of the tulle circles as shown.

Step 2. Gather the Tulle

Gather the tulle circles around the votive cup.

Step 3. Tie the Ribbon

Cut a 34" piece of satin ribbon and tie it around the tulle as shown.

Step 4. Separate the Tulle

Gently separate the layers of tulle with your fingers.

Step 5. Name Tags

Using a permanent pen write the name of the bridesmaid or guest on the leaf. Here we used one with gold ink.

Step 6. Preparing the Embellishments

Twist the stems of the leaf and the pearl sprays together as shown.

Step 7. Placing the Embellishments

Gently pull apart the tulle until you find the center hole. Position the pearl sprays and leave in the hole. You may use a glue gun to secure them if desired.

Step 8. Optional: Create the Centerpiece

Place several of the finished favors onto a tray, stand, plate or upside-down flowerpot for an instant centerpiece. These favors also look cute at each place setting.

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