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Rose Pew Bow

This pretty pew bow is easy to make and looks stunning. Customize the flower, tulle, and ribbon colors to match your bridal colors. It can also be used at the corners of tables.

Materials and Tools:
  • Silk Rose or Other Large Flower - Any Color, with leaves (1)
  • Spool of Tulle - Any color (56 inches)
  • Satin Ribbon - Any color, wide (50 inches)
  • Curling Ribbon - Any color (36 inches)
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wire Cutters
Step 1. Cut the Flower

Using wire cutters, cut the stem of the rose approximately 4 inches from the base of the flower head and bend the stem 90 degrees down.

Step 2. Tie the Tulle

Cut a 56" length of tulle from the spool. Turn the flower face down and tie the tulle in a bow at the base of the flower head. Spread the tulle out as shown. Set aside.

Step 3. Prepare the Satin Bows

Cut a 50" length of satin ribbon and tie it in a bow as shown. Cut a 36" length of curling ribbon and tie it around the center of the satin bow.

Step 4. Curl the Curling Ribbon

Place your scissors and place them on the ribbon as shown. Apply pressure and gently pull them down the ribbon to curl it.

Step 5. Curling Continued

To make tighter curls, repeat the process.

Step 6. Glue Bow

Using a hot glue gun, glue the finished bow to the stem as shown.

Step 7. Hold It

Hold the bow in place until the glue dries.

Step 8. Glue Leaves

Glue the leaves to the center of the bow. One on the left and one on the right works well.

Step 9. Finish Up

Trim the ends of the ribbon on an angle, making sure both sides are equal. Trim the tulle in a similar manner.

Step 10. Hanging the Pew Bow

Tie a piece of fishing line or string to the back of the flower. Tie the completed bow directly to the pews or use pew clips. Here we used fishing line, and then draped ribbon between the pews by gently tucking the ribbon behind the flowers.

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