Wedding Decorations & Accessories

Popular Wedding Motifs

Choosing a motif is a perfect way to accent your wedding and makes selecting wedding decorations, flowers, invitations and even colors much easier. While motifs can be a recurring color scheme, a special theme, or favorite holiday/season, many brides simply choose a symbol to embellish their wedding day decorations. Below you will find pictures of the most popular symbolic wedding motifs.

Botanical Wedding Motifs

Cherries Cherry Blossoms Clover Daisy Dandelion Dogwood Fern Leaf Frangipani-Plumeria Hibiscus Grape Vines Lavender Leaves Orchid Pear Pinecone Rose Sunflower Sweetpea

Beach and Nautical Wedding Motifs

Palm Trees Lighthouse Sail Boat Sand Dollar Starfish Shells

Animal and Insect Wedding Motifs

Bumblebee Butterfly Dragonfly Lady Bug Dove Swan

Other Decorative Wedding Motifs

Celtic Ornaments Fleur de Lys Glass Slipper Hearts Rhinestones Snowflake Eiffel Tower Diamonds Personal Monogram Peacock Feather Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme Chinese Love Symbol
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