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Creative Wedding Vase Fillers

Vase fillers fill space in a vase and help support flowers, weight a vase, or add interest to a centerpiece. They can also emphasize a wedding or party theme by using coordinating items such as shells for a beach-themed wedding or silk fall leaves for an autumn event.

Below you'll find pictures of the most popular wedding fillers. We divided them into three categories including natural, edible, and man-made. Most of these fillers are eco-friendly, as well as economical, and can be used after the wedding to create home decorations, make gifts for others, or maybe even eat!

We have collected a wide selection of decorative vase fillers that you might not have thought of using! Hover over a photo to see the name of the filler. Some are also clickable and lead to products available on our website.

Natural Wedding Vase Fillers

Rocks and Pebbles Vase Filler Pine Cones Vase Filler Beach Sand Vase Filler Shells Reindeer Moss Feathers Beta Fish Vase Filler Lavender Buds Vase Filler Flower Heads Vase Filler Rose Petals Cut Stems Vase Filler Wheat Grass Vase Filler Large Leaves Vase Filler Silk Fall Leaves Natural Excelsior Potpourri Vase Filler

Edible Wedding Vase Fillers

Coffee Beans Vase Filler Pasta Shapes Vase Filler Brown Sugar Vase Filler White Rice Vase Filler Lemons Vase Filler Fruit Slices Vase Filler Candy Vase Filler Nuts Vase Filler Fortune Cookies Vase Filler Cinnamon Sticks Vase Filler Green Peas Vase Filler Cherries Vase Filler Cranberries Vase Filler Oranges Vase Filler Marshmallows Vase Filler Corn Kernels Vase Filler

Man-Made Wedding Vase Fillers

Sea Glass Aquarium Gravel Vase Filler Faux Ice Water Storing Crystals Fake Snow Shredded Cellophane Shredded Mylar Vase Filler Faux or Fake Pearls Ornaments Vase Filler Decorative Objects Vase Filler Glass Gems Vase Filler Submersible Lights Dyed Water Vase Filler Bath Salts Vase Filler Marbles Vase Filler Colored Foam Vase Filler Button Vase Filler Deco Beads Water Storing Vase Filler

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50 Creative Vase Filler Ideas

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