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Medieval Castle - Wedding Theme Idea

Medieval Wedding Theme - Wedding Couple in Medieval Costume

Wedding at a Medieval Castle

Western Theme Wedding

Wedding Theme Ideas

Are you seriously considering a theme wedding? You're not alone. Wedding themes offer a fun, affordable way to personalize your day. Current theme favorites include:

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Theme

Start with asking what style and mood you both want for your wedding day. Are you casual, sophisticated or romantic? You may decide you want a traditional wedding ceremony, but really want to have fun at the reception. Consider the atmosphere at a garden wedding, romantic and relaxed, compared to a Fifties style wedding held at a local night club, fun and exciting.

Second, know your budget. This gives you an idea of how many theme ideas you can reasonably incorporate. You may want to choose a reception site to match your theme or vice versa. Either way, careful planning is necessary to avoid costly mistakes. If budget is a major issue, choose two or three ideas from a theme that really add visual impact.

Themes can incorporate any or all of the following areas:

    • Color Scheme
    • Transportation
    • Site/Location
    • Attire
    • Flowers
    • Centerpieces
    • Favors
    • Guestbook
    • Food/Cake
    • Time of Year
    • Family Traditions
    • Location
    • Altar/Pews
    • Invitations
    • Gift/Cake Tables

The secret to a beautiful wedding is to decide what will make you both happy. By starting with a theme, you will be surprised at how easy it is to create a unique day that you'll both remember for a lifetime. Themes are limited only by your imagination so have fun!

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