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Silk Flowers versus Fresh Flowers - Which is Better?

Modern brides have yet another choice before them, whether to choose silk or fresh flowers for their wedding day. Silk flowers catch the eye of many brides who discover their many benefits over fresh. However, there is just something special about fresh flowers that many brides cannot resist. Both options have advantages so let's take a look at what each one has to offer.

Top 10 reasons to choose silk flowers:

  1. Won't wilt or turn brown. Always look fresh.
  2. Extensive variety of colors and styles.
  3. Are everlasting and non-seasonal.
  4. Lighter to carry than fresh.
  5. Less expensive than fresh.
  6. Easily transported and no refrigeration.
  7. Non-allergenic. (Note: They can be scented).
  8. Petals do not drop.
  9. Can receive them weeks in advance of the ceremony.
  10. Do not attract bees and other insects.

Top 10 reasons to choose fresh flowers:

  1. They smell wonderful.
  2. Extensive variety of colors and styles.
  3. Exquisite detailing missing from silk.
  4. More traditional than silk.
  5. More options in choosing vendors.
  6. Are soft to the touch.
  7. Create a more opulent feeling than silk.
  8. Available at a variety of pricepoints depending on season.
  9. Look wonderful in photographs, even close-up.
  10. Can be freeze dried.

Consider what are the most important attributes you want in your flowers, and compare them to the lists above. Which ever you choose, your flowers will be beautiful and the memories everlasting.

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