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Twenty-one ways to have a stylish wedding without spending a fortune!

  1. For a guest book alternative, consider a tree skirt for a Christmas wedding, a signing scroll for a medieval wedding, a decorative plate, or the matting of a framed picture of the two of you.
  2. Name your tables rather than use numbers. Consider cities or mountain names or something that relates to a favorite hobby. Place the names in 5x7 inch frames.
  3. Use different centerpieces throughout the reception. Vary the heights and sizes of each one but stick to similar colors to tie the room together.
  4. Candles create a very romantic atmosphere and are much cheaper then full floral centerpieces. Bowls of floating candles with a few pretty flowers or rose petals at the base would look fabulous.
  5. Choose personalized favors that say something about you as a couple or use a favorite cookie recipe or hobby as a starting place.
  6. Choose a dress in a simple, elegant style. An over-fussy dress with lots of frills, ruffles or lace, etc. tends to look "cheaper" than a more elegant, less expensive one. Less is more!
  7. Instead of purchasing larger floral and greenery items to decorate the reception, rent them from your local nursery.
  8. Summertime is the peak wedding season for bridal professionals. Consider having your wedding at a different time of year.
  9. Choose a small, but elaborate, cake for your cake cutting and supplement it with plain sheet cake(s) behind the scenes.
  10. Scenting your reception and ceremony areas creates a lasting impression and really sets the mood. Use scented candles, fragrant flowers, or lightly-scented air fresheners tucked into centerpieces or plugged into electrical outlets.
  11. Morning and afternoon weddings are less expensive then evening affairs. A morning brunch reception or an afternoon tea with dainty finger sandwiches means a tremendous savings.
  12. Add drama with richly-colored bouquets in red or purple. Jewel tones are far more exciting then pastels and look beautiful in photographs.
  13. Choose a location with a special meaning or historical significance.
  14. Take flowers used in the ceremony and move them to the reception. Place your wedding party's hand-tied bouquets in vases for instant centerpieces.
  15. Stay simple when decorating the tables. Use white linens, plates, and napkins for an expensive and understated look. White lets the food, favors and table decorations really stand out.
  16. Create a picture board of the two of you for your guests to look at during the reception. Include photos taken before you met and after you met. Include captions and dates.
  17. Consider pre-recorded CD's for dinner-music and dancing rather than a more expensive DJ or band.
  18. Have a buffet-style reception instead of a sit-down affair. Buffets save on the cost of place cards and a waiting staff.
  19. Include your heritage in a special way. Areas might include the food, clothing, colors, music, customs etc.
  20. Save on cost and hassle by having your wedding ceremony in the same room as the reception.
  21. Make an unusual exit from the reception with a motorcycle, speed boat, or horse and carriage, etc.

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