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Wedding favors are tokens of gratitude that you give your guests for sharing your wedding celebration. Today's couples opt for unique, useful, and personalized favors. Favors can do double-duty as place-card holders, or if larger, group together for an instant centerpiece. Favors also add beautiful color and interest to reception tables, and provide guests with a memento of your day.

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favor:

Keep in mind the style and mood of your wedding. This depends greatly on the location and formality you choose. For example, the atmosphere at a beach wedding would be much more fun and relaxed than a more formal wedding held at a city museum. Let your surroundings inspire you.

Couples spend approximately 2-3 percent of their wedding budget on favors. It is important to know your budget and approximately how many guests will attend your reception. This gives you an idea of how much each favor should cost. The fewer guests you have, the more eccentric your favors can be. Many weddings are planned around a specific theme chosen by the bride and groom. If you choose a wedding theme, select favors that fit within it. Favors are a perfect way to enhance your theme.

Consider your color scheme when purchasing or making your favors. You may want to use several different colors to beautifully decorate your tables, or you may stick to only one color for a classic effect. It's really up to you.

Remember, you can personalize almost any wedding favor with tags (labels with your names and wedding date), by ordering monogrammed ribbons, or by making them yourself. Whether your favors are casual or elegant, they become a nice way to thank your guests for sharing your wedding day.

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