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Finding the wedding dress of your dreams just got a little easier! We have compiled a list of the best online resources for finding your perfect wedding day attire plus some helpful tips.

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Signs of a Fine Quality Bridal Gown

Your wedding gown will probably be the most special garment that you will ever own and wear. There are a few things that you can look for to ensure that you are getting a fine quality bridal gown.

The best bridal gowns are created from natural materials, primarily silk. Beware of dresses that use the word silk in their description, but do not clearly state that they are made of silk. Designers will often use terms like "Italian silk" to make a silk blend or even a synthetic fabric sound more luxurious than it really is. When in doubt, look for the tag inside the gown that lists the contents. The more silk, the better.

On a well made gown, all of the outside seams will be nicely finished. You should not see any puckering along the bust or side seams. There should be no loose threads hanging out from seams and below the hem. If there is embroidery or beadwork, it should be well aligned over the side seams with no loose beads and threads.

Your bridal gown should make you feel your most beautiful and be comfortable as well. A fine-quality gown will go a long way towards helping you achieve both of those things.

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